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Team Formation Information

           See below for more information about Team Formation. Iowa Soccer seasonal year includes the fall season of one year and then the spring season of the next year (example fall 2016 and spring 2017). Teams will typically stay the same from fall to spring unless we can't get the numbers to work out.


Soccer Team Formation

(See Spring Soccer Dates for a timeline of events)


    All requests for team assignment (especially those that move a player up) will be reviewed and approved by the board.  If requesting for carpool reasons, you may only select one person to carpool with and they MUST also request to carpool with you.  You can not request what team the carpool pair is on.  Requests that are granted will only be granted for the current season.  We cannot except specific requests to be on a specific team with specific players because these are "recreational" teams (per Iowa Soccer Association Membership Rules) Click here to fill out the request form.


How Many Teams Will There Be?:

  • After the registration deadline the registrar will determine the maximum number of teams at each age level.  

  • A team will be made if there are at least the number of players on the field plus one sub.

    • For example: a U8 team has a minimum number of 4, so the team would need to have at least 5 players.

  • Age appropriate teams will be formed randomly using the “mass assign” function through League One.

  • Teams will be age segregated if possible based on numbers at the registration deadline.  Otherwise all teams in an age division will be mixed ages.

    • For example: if we have 1 U9 team and 1 U10 team and still have extra U9 & U10 players we would balance all three teams so that every team would consist of U9 & U10 players.  If we have 2 U9 teams and 1 U10 team (with no extra players) then we would only balance out the U9 teams (see balancing teams below).  The U10 would stay as is.

  • The Registrar will not add any new teams to the ISL Level 3 Central league after the team turn in date.  The club is assessed a fine for adding late teams.

  • The register will not add additional teams to the CISL after the team turn in date.


Who will coach each team?:

  • The Director of Coaches (DC) will determine the number of coaches needed based on the number teams received from the registrar.

  • The DC will receive a printout from League One that shows who volunteered for a coach or assistant coach position.

  • The DC will work with an Assistant DC (ADC) to recruit additional coaches as needed.

  • Assigning coaches will be prioritized based on training (i.e. licensing, experience)

    • Coaches U10 and above will be required to be E-licensed as of Fall 2016.  Contact the DC for more information.

  • The coaches child will automatically be put on their team.

  • As players enter the U10 level, the DC & ADC will gather feedback from U8 coaches about relative skill and try to balance U10 teams first by age and then by skill.  Skill will be prioritized (as a balancing mechanism, not as a stacking mechanism) especially when age alone can’t divide teams.  Teams at the U10 level will be adjusted after randomization as needed.  Teams below that level will not.

    • At this time the club typically only has one boys team and one girls team per level past U10.  If there were a need for two teams at an age level the above process would take place.


Who is on each team?:

  • The DC will communicate to the registrar any adjustments that need to be made to the basic teams.

  • The registrar will send initial rosters to coaches.

    • Coaches will have 3 days to communicate any known issues to the DC. Coaches should NOT contact their team at this point.

    • The DC and/or board will determine issues are worth adjusting teams for or not.  This will be at the DC and/or boards sole discretion.  

    • Issues affecting more than 2 teams will be decided by the board.

  • The DC will communicate any approved changes to the registrar and the coach.

  • The registrar will send official rosters to coaches

    • Coaches will have 24 hours to communicate any additional issues to the DC. Coaches should NOT contact their team at this point.

  • After the 24 hours, any approved changes will be made and then an email notifying parents and players of their coaches will be sent by the registrar.

  • The registrar will continue to add late registrations to existing teams on a first come first served basis, based first on age and then on availability, until existing teams have full rosters. Coaches will be notified of any additions to their roster.