"We all know that in the learning process, missteps or mistakes are the beginning foundation of building the stepping stones of developing."

Dave Chesler, U.S. Soccer Director of Coaching Education


Registration for each season will open about two months before the season will start. For more information about registration, please click here.

Field Locations

The Gilbert Soccer Club utilizes multiply schools and parks within the Gilbert community to practice and play games. Click here to see a current map of the fields in Gilbert. For field locations in other communities please visit league websites Central Iowa Soccer League (U10 and below) and the Iowa Soccer League (U11 and above).

Being a Spectator

Iowa Soccer has done a great job creating a website page dedicated to parents. It's loaded with information on the rules of soccer, being a first time soccer parent (Parent Pocket Guide to the Rules), and Iowa Soccer and US Youth Soccer's philosophies on small-sided soccer. Click here for more information.

Proper Soccer Technique

Just like everything else in learning, proper technique and creating good habits is the key to becoming a better soccer player. Click here to see proper technique for dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, and throw-ins.

Gilbert Soccer Club Contacts

Please visit or Contacts Page if you need to get a hold of a board member, have a question, or sign up for our newsletter.


U5/U6 thru U9/U10 and U13/U14 will play on Saturdays. Typically U5/U6 thru U9/U10 games will be between 9:00am and 12:00pm. U13/U14 will play in the afternoon starting at 1:00pm.

U11/U12, U15/U16 and up will play Sunday afternoons starting at 1:00pm. 


Equipment and Uniforms?

The club provides jerseys only for U6 and U8, uniforms (socks, shorts, and jersey) for U10 and up. U12 and up will also receive an away jersey.

Each player will need to provide soccer shoes and shin guards. Baseball and football cleats aren't allowed as they have a center cleat in the front of the shoe and that is dangerous when kicking.

If your child wants to bring a soccer ball to games/practices here are the sizes for each age group:

U5 thru U8 -- size 3

U9 thru U12 -- size 4

U13 and up -- size 5



The Gilbert Soccer Club participates in two seasons per year: Spring and Fall. The spring season is played in mid April through the first part of June. The fall season is played the end of August through the end of October. See registration of more information.


The Gilbert Soccer Club belongs to two leagues. The Central Iowa Soccer League (CISL) is for ages U10 and below. The Iowa Soccer League (ISL) is for ages U11 and above.

League Rules

Click here to visit the Central Iowa Soccer League's (CISL) website to view rules for U6 thru U10. Click here to visit the Iowa Soccer League website to view rules for the U11 and above.


The Gilbert Soccer Club has set up an events calendar on the Events Page to show important dates for registration, board meetings, and club hosted camps. We've also added area tournaments and camps you might be interested in.


The Gilbert Soccer Club doesn't set practice schedules for our coaches. Some coaches will practice right after school and some will wait until 5:30 or later. 

Iowa Youth Soccer Practice Duration and Frequency:

- U5/U6 45 minutes once a week

- U7/U8 45-60 minutes once a week

- U9/U10 60 minutes once or twice a week

- U11/U12 75 minutes twice a week

- U13/U14 and Up 90 minutes twice a week