Fall 2015 Registration Open!

Fall 2015 Registration!

Let's just get to the details :)

Fees: $60 for U5-U10,   $75 for U11 and older.

When: U5-U10: May 22nd – July 17th
           U11 and older: May 22nd – June 25th.

How: Go to hoisc.org/registration, do it now!

Oh dang, you might wonder when the season starts. Players will be contacted by their coach the middle of August and games will start the beginning of September and run through mid October. We get the best of both muggy summer and wet and cold fall. Bring on the soccer weather.

You might be thinking "wow, that is amazingly affordable!" and you are right, for less than 22 Starbucks latte's your child could have the experience of a lifetime (or just a great season). How do we keep these prices so low and yet have so much fun? Our club is run by loving, kind, generous people just like you. We require your help to make this club work. Are you interested in helping, either as a coach, assistant, field maintenance, author of whimsical emails, or a board member ... you can sign up during the registration process.

Posted on June 5, 2015 .