Private Soccer Lessons in the Summer

Michaela Gibson is a recent Gilbert graduate who is offering private lessons this summer.

If you are looking for a way to gain more skills in the summer, this is a great option. Her fees range from $25 per hour for a single player to $75 per hour for a group of six.

Throughout the summer I would like to help Gilbert youth improve their skills by starting with the basic fundamentals and working their way up to thinking more abstractly and creatively about the game they play as they’re playing it. However, not every individual or group I work with will be organized the same. While I will put a lot of focus on making sure every kid has the basics down with a really strong foundation to build on in the upcoming years of their soccer experience, I also plan on integrating in some of the things you and your child are most interested in improving on. If your child desires to have a better, stronger shot, I will design his/her sessions to work toward that. If it’s a more defensive mindset your child has, I will design the sessions to work on defense. There are many ways to create beneficial, effective soccer sessions!

For more information please view her flier

Michaela's private lessons are not affiliated with HOISC.

Posted on April 7, 2015 .