Notes from the Fall 2014 Coaches Meeting

Here is most of what was discussed at the Tuesday night meeting. 

Thank you for coming tonight and for volunteering to coach!  Don't forget to "like" HOISC on Facebook to stay current on soccer information!!

The Central Iowa Soccer League (CISL) schedule link:

Welcome to the fall 2014 season! Have fun, grow, repeat!


Resource websites 



Coaching - Will Hatfield "DOC" 515-708-5814
Equipment - Mike Leedom "Supply Man" 515-290- 6199
Fields - Kyle O'Riley "Mr. Spackler" 515-291-7386
Registrar - Emily O'Riley - "All knowing"
Director of Scores - Emily O'Riley -
Referees and game rescheduling - Charlie Ramsay 515-419-5789 -
Last resort on earth or for apparel - Sean Barber - 408-921-8241

Remember! Have fun, be energetic, most of all...lead by example! enjoy your time with the kids and keep them playing and learning this wonderful life long game! Technique, Technique, Technique! 

Don't worry about winning that will come if you coach well! Better yourself as a coach always

Posted on August 22, 2014 .